The Pan-American-Highway Tour 2011 / 2012 has finally begun

A couple of days ago we have picked up our motorhomes at the port of Buenos Aires and after visiting the Argentinean capital we headed south. Yesterday we went on an amazing whale watching bootstrip at Pensinsula Valdéz. As usual we will publish pictures and comments during the trip which can be viewed on our web page.



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Suisse Caravan Salon Bern, Switzerland

Our partner Seabridge will be present at the Suisse Caravan Salon in Bern, Switzerland taking place from October 27th to 31st. Konstantin Abert, the expert for motorhome tours through Russia, Asia and along the silk road will be at the stand and can also inform you about our tours to South America and the PanAmerican Highway. Visit him in Hall 1.2, Stand F006.

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Pan American Highway, the longest motorhome route ever! Make your reservation now

Due to many requests we have already started to take bookings for the upcoming Panamericana, November  4th, 2013- May 2nd 2014

dream big on the longest motorhome route in the world:

the Pan-American Highway

— explore the Americas in 180 days —

Pan-American-Highway, the longest motorhome tour ever

No other trip encapsulates the diversity of our planet in a more impressive way than the Pan-American Highway.
Shining blue glaciers in Patagonia, gorgeous fjords, smoking volcanoes, huge
colonies of penguins and sea lions on the Valdes Peninsula, the seemingly
endless Argentinean Pampa, the towering peaks of Torres del Paine, Fitz Roy and
Cerro Torre, the biggest salt flat in Bolivia, the calls of toucans and parrots
mingled with howler monkeys in the steamy rain forest, the Atacama, the world’s
driest desert, the legendary lost city of Machu Picchu, the Avenue of the
Volcanoes the Panama Canal, secluded beaches in Central America, colorful
indigenous markets, mystic Maya sites of Tikal and Chichén Itzá, Ecuador’s La
Paz, one of the highest cities in the world, and the beautiful Cartagena, along
Colombia’s Caribbean coast… if this seems like an impressive list, just
remember there is so much more you will encounter and experience during this
unforgettable trip along the Pan-American Highway!

But what exactly is the Pan-American Highway? Since the
1923 Conference of American States, there have been plans to build a continuous
roadway running all the way from Alaska to the bottom of Chile and Argentina –
a highway that spans the entire length of the North and South America! Today it
is more of a concept than an actual route in that it is still incomplete (a
tiny part is still missing between Panama and Colombia), and this is the only
point during our trip where we must ship the vehicles.

exploring Torres del Paine Nationalpark in Southern Chile by motorhome

This is the longest organized motorhome tour in the world – and it is one trip you don’t want to miss! We will take you through South America in seventeen weeks, Central America in five weeks and through Mexico in four weeks. The organized portion of trip ends in Nogales, at the border between Mexico and the USA, and everyone is welcome to continue their journey through the USA and Canada, even all the way to Alaska,
the other end of the Pan-American Highway.

Make your dreams come true today!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to assist you.

For further information ask for our “Tourbook” with detailed information about the itinerary, services and more.

Explore our web page and find detailed travel blogs from past trips (Sorry, German only, an English version is planned):

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Bimobil meeting

On the Bimobil meeting in Bad Königshofen I presented our show “Panamerican-Highway” to a nice audience. I had some good conversations with motorhome-owners and would love to be part of it the next time! Thank you Bimobil-Team!

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multi-vision-show “fascination Andes” live at Caravan Salon Düsseldorf Germany

Dear reader,

shortly we will present our latest show :

Fascination Andes – the Longest Mountain Range in the World

No other mountain range in the world is as varied and mysterious as the Andes. An impressive 7,500 km long they form South America’s backbone between Argentina’s windswept Tierra del Fuego and Colombia’s tropical Caribbean. In their 1-hour multi-media show at CARAVAN SALON DÜSSELDORF

crossing the Andes

Janette Emerich and Uwe Hamm take visitors off to these unique mountains demonstrating the fascination of the Andes in impressive photography and film footage. On their tours these two adventurous caravanning enthusiasts climb as high as 5,000 m crossing mountain passes, passing smoking volcanic cones and glaciers, giant salt lakes and plateaus where llamas graze against the backdrop of idyllic scenery. They skilfully blend sensitive portraits, unique blazes of colour and razor-sharp animal photos with humorous travel anecdotes.

daily show at 2:30pm at Hall 12 presented by Janette Emerich and Uwe Hamm

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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